AVIANCA & Comida Fest are taking you on a trip of a lifetime to PERU!

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On the borders of Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia and Chile is PERU! A country that was loved by the Incas a 5000 years ago, where they settled their empire and also was the base for Spain in South America in the 16th century. Peru has part of the Amazon, a large coastline, volcanos and lakes. It offers 8 different climates and a very fertile land with precious plantations. The country is the largest producer of organic coffee in the world, the best quality of cacao, chillies, corn and much more.

Peru has a wonderfully colourful and fresh cuisine and we are DELIGHTED to send our winners to Lima and Arequipa, the gastronomic capitals in the country. Your palate will be pleased by the mix of indigenous, Spanish, Asian and African heritages giving origin to the criollo cuisine, Niponic and the Novandina (Peruvian Nouvelle Cuisine). You will drink Coca Mate, Pisco Sour and Chica Morada. Sweet tooth, Peruvians love their desserts too!

Peru is a country of markets, street markets and food markets, they are everywhere! You can buy your crafts directly from the makers, eat the best ceviche, buy fresh produce, hug an Alpaca, why not? Colours are everywhere from the pattterns of the woven fabrics from the mountain tribes or the Titicaca lake floating communities.

The social life is a bliss, laid back and friendly, make sure to practice your Spanish, pack your sunglasses and repelent AND GOOD LUCK!

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Comida Fest often offers online competitions in our social media and it has given our wonderful community gig tickets, produces and a few more perks.
But once a year during our Summer Season, we offer you MORE! A trip to one place in Latin America for two people! YEEEAAAHHHH

In 2016, LATAM, Chimu Adventures & Comida Fest took James Moore to Brazil with his father and sister, the first family trip they had in many many years. Read more about Moore’s adventures on our blog!




In 2017, Paul Turner was the lucky winner, but his wife got pregnant and they were not able to travel! So even luckier was the second name on the randomised list, the second choice David Vergara and his cousin are off to Colombia in May, where they are from to visit their family and thanks AVIANCA and Chimu Adventures.

And we keep going and our goal is to every year send two people to a different place in Latin America. Stay tuned!